Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy builds skills and smashes down barriers, connecting families, friends and the community in the ways that matter most. Whether it’s making pancakes, writing an assignment, or finally making it across those monkey bars, our skilled occupational therapists can help you achieve your goals.

Occupational Therapy

What is an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists are superheroes of participation and connection (we’re also university-trained healthcare professionals).

At Look Who’s Talking, our occupational therapists work with children and young adults in our Birkdale clinic, catering to each person’s unique strengths and needs.

Develop life skills with occupational therapy

Navigating and enjoying life requires numerous skills.

Fine and gross motor skills help you (or your child) get dressed, write clearly, or play sports. Meanwhile, social and emotional skills help build relationships and enhance quality of life. Some people face additional challenges in acquiring and using these skills. That’s where occupational therapy comes in.


Fine motor skills

Developing hand-eye coordination, handwriting and manipulation skills.

Gross motor skill

Gross motor skills

Enhancing balance, coordination, and physical abilities.

Social communication skills

Social communication skills

Facilitating social interaction, communication, and participation in group activities.

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Self-care skills

Teaching daily tasks like dressing, eating, and personal hygiene.

Chew and swallow


Learning to manage emotions and use coping strategies.

School participation

School participation

Addressing classroom challenges to enhance learning and participation.

Literacy skills

Literacy skills

Enhancing visual processing, sensory abilities and motor planning, then integrating these skills to improve reading and writing abilities.


Sensory processing

Addressing sensory challenges to improve attention during everyday activities.

Occupational-Therapy Who do we help

Who do we help?

Occupational therapists work collaboratively to empower and celebrate the diverse strengths and perspectives of each individual and their family.

We support children, young people and families who are

Accessing our occupational therapy services

Occupational therapy is currently offered at our Birkdale clinic.

You can access our OT services through:

What’s involved in an occupational therapy assessment?

While we tailor our approach to suit each client’s particular needs, a typical OT assessment might involve:

occupational therapy assessment

Individual and group therapy options

At Look Who’s Talking, you have two options for occupational therapy: a 1:1 appointment or a group program.