• Look Who's Talking

Speech Pathology

We provide assessment & therapy for children with a range of communication difficulties.

Learning Groups

Themed learning groups for all children (not specifically for children with speech/language difficulties). These groups are for toddlers through to 6 year olds and target general learning areas such as vocabulary & concept development, listening skills, social skills, early literacy development. They consist of fun, play based activities, dress ups, singing, craft & story-telling.

Prep Readiness Groups

Small play-based group programs run by Occupational Therapists & Speech Pathologists targeting skills essential for school readiness including oral language skills, fine motor skills, writing and drawing, social skills, listening skills, early literacy & numeracy skills.


Literacy Programs

Look Who’s Talking have individual & group programs targeting literacy development with a major focus on phonological awareness skills. Children may participate in individual or group sessions targeting skills to help with reading & spelling ability. We also provide programs to assist children in preparing for literacy learned at school.