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Look Who's Talking Prep Readiness Groups

"Language, Listening & Listeracy for Prep"

Learn language, listening & early literacy skills in a fun, play-based, small group environment.


The transition into prep is a big step for children and their parents. While we as parents are adjusting to ironing uniforms, making school lunches, learning what rainbow facts are & what a level 6 reader means, our children are learning a whole new set of skills to help them prepare for their journey into formal learning. As well as the obvious skills of learning numbers & learning to read & write, they are also learning other skills such as socialising, respecting & following rules and listening in group situations. There are a number of areas of speech pathology that are extremely important for success in learning. In our groups we focus on the 3 “L”s – Language, Listening & Literacy. Our groups are beneficial for all children, they are not only for children with speech or language difficulties.

Group Content


Oral language is the major focus of our groups – Oral language has 2 main components – Receptive Language (listening & understanding) & Expressive Language (speaking – use of words, sentences). Both of these components are extremely important for success in learning written language. Prior to starting school children mostly use language fairly informally. When commencing school, children are required to use more formal or literate language as they learn to express & understand more abstract ideas & concepts. At school children learn to use language to tell stories, ask questions, provide explanations & follow more complex directions. The oral language skills targeted in our groups assist children in making that transition from informal/conversational language to formal/literate language. Another focus of the language component of our groups is “language for numeracy” – concepts & skills to assist with early numeracy development.


The expectation to listen & follow instructions in a large group can be quite overwhelming for some children. Practising listening strategies & following instructions in a small group setting can assist this transition.


Due to the strong link between oral language skills & reading & spelling ability, Speech Pathologists play an important role in the management of reading & spelling difficulties. Phonological Awareness (awareness of sounds & how they go together to make words) is an important area of literacy that Speech Pathologists have specialist knowledge in. Research has shown phonological awareness is a good predictor of later reading success. The phonological awareness skills focussed on in the prep readiness group are syllables, rhyme & identifying sounds in simple words.

Our main focus in these groups is to learn & strengthen these skills through fun, play-based activities!!!

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