Literacy Groups

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Literacy Groups

We are often asked about the relationship between literacy & speech pathology. There is a strong link between oral language skills & reading & spelling ability – Speech Pathologists have specialist knowledge about language skills & how these skills relate to literacy skills. For this reason Speech Pathologists play an important role in the assessment & treatment of reading & spelling difficulties. Phonological Awareness (awareness of sounds & how they go together to make words) is an area Speech Pathologists have specialist knowledge in.

Research has shown that phonological awareness is an important component of reading ability.

Good phonological awareness skills help children understand the relationship between the sounds in spoken words & the letters that represent these sounds in written words (Love & Reilly, 2007).

Look Who’s Talking have individual & group programs targeting literacy development with a major focus on phonological awareness skills.

Children may participate in individual or group sessions targeting skills to help with reading & spelling ability. We also provide programs to assist children in preparing for literacy learned at school.